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Nuking F-List. Comment to be Added 8)

I mean, Friends Only Time!!! :D

Imma gonna nuke my F-list, too. So you'll have to comment to be added, if you want to hear about my craptastic life 8)


My life is spinning out of control and I dont know how to get it back on tack.

Things going on

I'm kind of engaged, to Josh. He's proposing next month. We've got the ring. I'm moving to Arlington Heights. Things are good, except my relationship with my family is terse. They don't approve of m life decisions. I don't care. Maybe I'm burning bridges, but I think it might be worth it. My apathy towards them is all encompassing. Oh well.
Thats the update on my life
Hope you enjoyed it.
I'm alive. Don't worry. Full time at Wal Mart. It sucks but its kind of fun. at least its not as bad as being unemployed. Life is kicking me in the ass. More later.


I'm watching Trigun, and all I can think about it Red's absolute obsession with Midvalley and Wolfwood. And I'm just like... I miss old days!

So, Like....

This is the situation:
I failed all of my classes in the fall. all of them. I got one Incomplete, but even that is going to be a scratch if I can't get back in.
Which of course means that I am SOL on a job situation. Because my job was through Work Study, since I'm not a benefit of financial aid I can't be on Work Study any more. Sucks! So I have no job, no where to live, and no school to look forward to.
I really don't know what I've been thinking. Now that I look back on it, I made some really really stupid mistakes that I could have done so much different. Going to classes all of the time, doing the work- it all could have been so easy. So easy just to pass the stupid classes i was paying for.

Urban Dictionary Thing. Ha ha ha.

• Go to urbandictionary. com
• Type your answer to each question in the search box
• Write one of the definitions down that it gives you

(01) What’s your name?
the name katie is usualy given to one who happens to be exceptionaly well at pleasing their partner. katie's happen to be very good at making the opposite sex rather "turned on". one would not regret having been with a katie.
i want a girl like katie, one who can turn me on and tease me but do a good fuckin job at it ;) mmmbaby!

(02) How old are you?
What's so good about 24?

1) It's one of the greatest television shows. EVER.
2) It's also known as "The Jack Bauer Power Hour".
3) The show isn't afraid to kill off main characters.
4) Elisha Cuthbert.
5) It has insane plot twists.
6) It never gets boring.
"I need a hacksaw".

(03) Name five of your friends:
An incredibly common name with a unique spelling. This "little angel" can be a little devil. Sweetness often hides naughty behaviors.
She is such a Jesika...what a mystery.
Someone who cracks jokes and roasts on people for fun. Someone who will stop whatever they are doing to make fun of somebody.
Man, that new kid Todd, he's a big josh, he's always making fun of somebody.
Rachel (i'm so sorry about this, but this is really the best definition...)
has a big but and i can not lie you other brothers cant deny when rachel walks in with a ity bity waist and a roud thing in your face you get SPRONG!!!!
hey Rachel. "WHo's There"
A sexual postion in whice the woman is grabbing the mans personnal areas and continues until the man screams "oh god!" or Something of that nature.
the best person you'll ever meet, not a slut or a hoe, but a gorgeous human being. well loved by many, feared by tons! she is positively gorgeous, FEAR HER
person 1:Hey did you hear about Sara
person 2: Shit yeah I did man I'm fucking scared of her

(05) What is your favorite color?
Yellow is the colour that divides edible snow from non-edible snow
You shouldn't eat yellow snow

(06) What is your birthplace?
1. A State in the Midwest.
2. An amazing piece of music by the artist Sufjan Stevens. Recently Amazon.com named it the best album of 2005.

(07) What month is your birthday in?
A month that has no holidays.
August sucks. Oh well, there's always school.

(08) Who is the last person you talked to?
another word for the phrase "Elephants on Parade." or "Elephants on Probation."
That girl stomps around like Laurie!

(09) What is your nickname(s)?
A girl's name for the coolest person you will ever meet.
1. I wish i was Kate.
An evil little creature, that is seen in the forest or when your super high. If you ever see one of these creatures be aware that it is plotting against you and all of society. This creature is bent on taking over the world!!!

(10) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
A song by the singer, Gackt. It tends to make fangirls squee and laugh hard. Especially the ones who've seen the live video.


ugh, whatever. got my DS, thats what was important I guess.

Dec. 22nd, 2008

Ummmm, I dont post much here anymore. If you feel like reading everything I think, I update Twitter a lot.
Like... A lot.
I've done like three updates in 20 minutes.
God I love twitter.

You'll be glad you did
or I'll just spam your twitter

Or both.

"In the end, it doesn't really matter."

So I completely bombed this semester. I dont know what it was it just happened. About October, midway through, I just gave up.
Painting teacher said I might be able to pass if my final project wow'd him. It didnt, and my portfolio review was kind of like, "Why did you even bother to show up, its obvious that you're not going to pass."
English teacher said if I turned in all my work, I might still pass. I turned it all in, but again it was shite, and he failed me, too.
Sculpture was just a scratch after the first week.
I lost something that I had had going into the semester. And I can't find it again.
Where is the self confidence?
Where is the drive?
Its gone. My spark is gone. I dont enjoy much anymore. Drawing is crap, writing is crap, the only thing I like right now is reading. And I am reading. I'm reading a lot more than I probably should be. I think I've read 5 books in the past 2 days. I have nothing else.
If anything, its just an escape for me. I've always been able to get lost in books. So I haven't stopped. I just want to get lost in it.
Next semester, if they let me come back, should be much better. The classes are easier, and the teachers will be better. Not that the teachers this semester were bad, they just... weren't there for me. Not like I needed them to be. They were aloof, informal. The reason I go to a small school is so that I can get one on one help... they just never seemed to have time for that. Luckily next semester I've had some of the teachers before, and I know how good they are. Yay me.
I dont know whats wrong with me. hopefully my three weeks at home will sober me up and get me back into my groove.
Maybe I need to start journaling hardcore again.
When I was in Maryland, I'd wake up and write three pages of stuff, without thinking, stream of conciousness. I should start that again. That was good for me. Cleared my head.
And its not like I dont have 15 blank journals right now. Ha ha.
Ive been trying to write stories lately, but they keep coming out with the same plots as some anime that I've seen.
Stupid things. Whyyyy dont I have an original bone in my body? Jesus.

I feel like an idiot.
Go on, berate me.
I deserve it.